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Orange Patchouli Soap Bar

Orange Patchouli Soap Bar

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Elevate your skincare ritual with "Orange Patchouli," a harmonious blend of invigorating citrus and the grounding essence of patchouli. Each wash unfolds like a story, starting with the zest of sun-ripened oranges, followed by the deep, woody undertones of patchouli, reminiscent of an earthy forest floor.

Crafted with a nourishing base of olive and coconut oils, this soap promises a gentle yet effective cleanse, leaving your skin feeling soft and hydrated. The enriching properties of shea butter work wonders, offering a moisturizing embrace to your skin. Castor oil further amplifies the soap's luscious lather, ensuring a luxurious washing experience.

With a touch of rose kaolin clay, "Orange Patchouli" provides a gentle exfoliation, whisking away impurities and leaving a radiant glow. As you lather up, let the aromatic symphony transport you to a tranquil grove, where nature's beauty and serenity reign supreme.


INGREDIENTS: Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Castor Oil, (Orange and Patchouli Essential Oils), Rose Kaolin Clay, Sodium Hydroxide


A Few Things to Remember:

This beauty potion is crafted for external adventures only. If your skin throws a little tantrum (aka irritation), give it a break.

Weight Watch: Each bar swings between a sassy 3.4 to a chic 4.2 oz. It's hand-cut, so let's embrace those unique curves!

Speaking of handcrafted magic, our soaps are made in quaint batches, ensuring they're filled with love and top-notch quality. Every now and then, they might strike a different pose from their photos – that's just them being authentic!

Soap's Spa Day: Want to pamper your soap just like it pampers you? Rest it on a draining dish or pad. It loves staying dry when not in action, and it'll stick around longer to keep you feeling fabulous!

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